Your business is a constellation.

How bright are the stars that shine within it?

Content is crucial to a business. If you have a website you’ll want it to shine as potential customers see it through their telescope. Otherwise, they will move on to one that is brighter. Words can be the light that makes your business stand out amongst the vast galaxy of the internet.

Do you need content? Maybe you’re unsure.

For some, social media posts and blog upkeep are too much work. Writing may not be your favorite pastime. Maybe you are just too busy to do it yourself. If any of these sound familiar, you may want to consider hiring a writer. When a potential customer visits your site, a pretty page design only goes so far. If you want to stay on top of industry trends and reach a higher potential audience, quality content is a valuable marketing tool.


Blog– A blog can help to engage your potential customers. It is the backbone of content marketing, giving your company a unique voice.

  • Show off your products or services
  • Provide an easy way for readers to share with friends via social media
  • Help you be found easier on search engines
  • Attract new customers

Social Media– Social media marketing is powerful. Keep followers up to date with your services using social media outreach.

  • Status updates, as well as links back to your site
  • Involve customers
  • Share new trends related to your industry
  • Growth through a strong presence

Website Copy- A strong homepage encourages exploration. These words come together to make the clear voice your company.

  • Descriptions that garner attention
  • Use of persuasive marketing
  • Customer friendly explanations
  • Search engine compatibility

Email– An email outreach list keeps you in touch with website visitors. This helps build trust and lasting customer relationships.

  • Provide news
  • Give updates
  • Offer incentives
  • Personal approach

Still unsure?

My rates are affordable and fair. You will only be charged with what you need to be done, whether it be a short one-time social media post or weekly blog posts.

If you still aren’t sure if these services are for you, but would like more information, you can contact me with any questions you might have.