I Let the Love of My Life Go, This is Why Image

Deciding to let go of love is hard. It’s especially difficult when anxiety is involved. This article is my tale of how anxiety took over one of the strongest loves I ever held. From the day I met him, to the aftermath of our relationship. You can read it here on puckermob.


We all want to save money. With so much advice on how to do just that, the results can be counterproductive. Sometimes the best way to save is more simple than we think. Going back to the basics and finding the tips that suit you and your lifestyle is key. These tips are simple, effective, and can be used by people of all walks of life.

I spent a good part of growing up in Denver Colorado. Denver is an incredible city. Having had a chance to live there was an experience full of memories. Whether you are living there or just visiting, there are many activities to keep you busy.

Check out this article I wrote for Travelicious for fun ideas about the Denver Colorado lifestyle.

Crop tops scare people. They may look cute and pretty – on someone else. Some people just don’t feel comfortable with the idea of wearing them, no matter how much they like the style. This article on Her Style Code give tips for those ladies that need a boost, so they too can wear crop tops this spring and summer without having to stress.


Judgemental people is something you live with once you become a parent. Parents have to learn to let it roll off their back, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t annoying. Getting the same comments and questions over and over again prompts some pretty sarcastic responses. Luckily I’m pretty good at biting my tongue. If I said some of the things on this list I wrote for puckermob, I’d get even more crazy stares than I already do.


A mother in New York suffering from addiction recently lost custody of her youngest son. The mother lost her 3 other children previously due to neglect. The judge in the case created a court order stating the mother was not allowed to conceive any more children until she regains custody of her youngest. Though the consequences are unclear, many are concerned if the order is constitutional. For all the details, you can read my full article at Blasting News