My Journey

I follow a line of cars into the parking lot, pulling into a spot as close to the door as possible, and follow the crowd of people entering the building. I head into the lunchroom, through to the lockers where I locate mine and put my belongings away for the day. Through the metal detectors of the warehouse, and wait in line to punch in for the day. Following the same crowd to our work area, I get situated and get to work. A job I don’t hate, but I can’t help the feeling of sadness in my gut. I miss my family. I hate the act of following a group to an unfulfilling place. Following just isn’t my thing.

After a few months of the certain discomfort in this lifestyle I realize that there has to be something else. This average place may bring me an average income to support my family and the time to be with them, but it is just too… average. It doesn’t feel right. I need something more.

I decide that maybe its time to get serious about going back to school, but for what? Going for a career with a high income potential may seem appealing to many, but that’s not what I want. I want to love what I do and be proud of what I am. I want something that is going to be true to myself. I still want to be able to support my family, but I’d rather have small financial struggles than be away from home and unhappy. As I sit pondering my options, scrolling through online colleges and courses, I come across a writing course, and suddenly, I felt like a complete idiot.

In high school I dreamed of being a writer. I took every opportunity to write. I lived for my English course and the prompts we would get to follow. Essays for every class gave me a chance to put my words to paper in such a way that I could find enjoyment in even my worst of subjects. Even when studying foreign language, I used every opportunity to use my vocabulary words to create vivid stories to share with the class. I love to write, to create, and to share.

I guess as time and life went on, I got so far away from the idea, that it didn’t seem achievable. Being the big dreamer I am, I decided it was still a possibility, and I was going to do it.

So here I am now creating this blog, so that I can be who I want, do what I love, and start being the writer I realized I don’t just aspire to be, but that I know I have inside me. Of course I know that it won’t be an overnight process, I have so much to learn, so much work to put in, and I am perfectly okay with that. In fact, I am more than okay with it. I am excited for every day on this journey, every word I write, every idea I share, and even every bump in the road that will inevitably make me stronger, and help me to achieve my beautiful dream.

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