Bad Mom, Good Mom- Average Is Okay With Me

  With the sun shining through my window, a kick on the back from my toddler reminds me that I should get her to sleep in her own bed. I just don’t want to. I suppose that makes me an awful parent for co-sleeping. I know for a fact other parents will condemn me for this awful choice I’ve made.… Read more →

The Dandelion Crown

As I sat on the porch drinking my morning coffee, Denver plucked dandelions from the yard. She held the growing bouquet in her hand, smiling with joy at the flowers she gathered. I nodded as she showed me each one, letting out a little shriek each time she discovered a new patch of yellow in the grass.As her excitement grew,… Read more →

The Unwanted Reminder

I’m not a fan of people telling me, “it goes by faster than you think,” or,”cherish every moment,” and any other similar sentiment. I’m sure I’m not the only parent that feels this way. We see it all the way through pregnancy. Within the first days of our children’s lives. We wish we could go back and cherish every moment… Read more →

Easter DIY- Simple Prayer Doll Craft

  This morning I started thinking about Easter coming up. I like the idea of giving the kids something homemade as one of their gifts. In my mind, I imagined making extravagant looking dolls to place in their baskets this year.  I started searching the internet for ideas but the idea was quickly thrown out the window when I realized sewing… Read more →

The Thin Line Between Bonding and Heartbreak

  My stepdaughters were two and four when I met them. I married their dad two years after that.The youngest has no memory of a time when her dad and I hadn’t been together. Unfortunately, that is not the case with oldest. She remembered. She didn’t bring it up often, but she remembered her mom and dad living together and… Read more →

An Ongoing Lesson in Marriage and Gratitude

  There are moments in the chaos of having a family, in the reality of day-to-day goings, that my husband means very little to me. I don’t intend it, or even think of it in that way, but sometimes receive the reminder that my attitude and actions have shown it to be true. I know that often, I act far… Read more →

Cat Vs. Baby

  When I found out I was pregnant I received way more advice than I had asked for. Actually, I didn’t ask for much advice at all, but everyone had some to share. One of the hottest topics people liked to bring up was my evil cat. To be fair, he was evil. He had a very strange personality. Anytime… Read more →

My Journey

I follow a line of cars into the parking lot, pulling into a spot as close to the door as possible, and follow the crowd of people entering the building. I head into the lunchroom, through to the lockers where I locate mine and put my belongings away for the day. Through the metal detectors of the warehouse, and wait… Read more →